We want to make beautiful jewellery you enjoy everyday, gorgeous pieces that become a part of your life. That’s why we choose to make them with high quality, ethically sourced materials and stones, so they last a really, really long time.


Pearls are the world’s only organic gemstone, and therefore, tend to be quite delicate.

Please consider the following advice when caring for pearls:

  • Some chemicals may harm pearls. Wait until after applying makeup, perfume and hair products before putting on pearl jewellery.

  • Wipe pearl jewellery with a pearl chamois or soft cloth before putting it away.

  • Store pearl jewellery wrapped in a soft cloth to protect it from rubbing against harder gems or abrasive objects.

  • Occasionally clean your pearls gently with a cloth dipped in alcohol diluted with warm water or in mild soapy water. Rinse the cloth in fresh water and wipe pearls clean. Dry with a soft cloth.

  • Strands will require restringing from time to time, depending on how often they are worn. It is advisable to seek guidance on restringing from your Australian South Sea pearl supplier.


Diamonds are one of the hardest materials in the world, formed over billions of years under intense heat and pressure. We source our diamonds responsibly and certify all centerstones. The value of your diamond depends on the diamond 4Cs.


Apart from diamonds, we also set our jewellery with other precious and semi-precious stones. These gemstones are carefully evaluated for quality before becoming fine jewellery pieces.


In gold, carat is a measure of purity and 24 carat (ct) gold is considered the purest. But pure gold is not practically usable in jewellery because it’s a soft metal. It needs to be mixed with alloys to make it more durable and resistant to scratching and denting. We use 18ct gold for all our jewellery.

Yellow Gold

Pure gold mixed with metals like silver, copper and zinc creates yellow gold.

Rose Gold

Your favourite rose gold blush colour comes from a mixture of yellow gold and copper. The higher the percentage of copper, the deeper the reds in the gold.


Every timeless piece, precious keepsake and treasured engagement or wedding ring can be just as bright and beautiful when you reminisce about it decades later, as it was on the day you bought it. While diamonds, precious stones and metals are not easily damaged, a little TLC can keep them in good condition and prevent them from dulling over time, losing stones and being chipped or scratched.

Wear With Care

Try to make your jewellery the last part of any outfit you wear to minimise contact with perfumes, sprays or lotions. Even a thin layer of oil or dust build-up can dull your jewellery.

If you are wearing your jewellery at the gym, beach, pool or in the shower and during any sport (yoga included) or heavy physical work, you can either remove and safely store them to avoid dents, scratches and loosening diamonds from their setting, or be careful to avoid your piece from coming into contact with hard surfaces or harsh chemicals to prevent wear.

How To Clean Your Jewellery

While there are several specialised ways to clean your jewellery, a soft toothbrush, mild dish soap and warm water usually does the trick to keep them bright and sparkly sans the dirt and oil build-up.

Safely Store Delicate Pieces

Avoid storing jewellery in extreme heat or cold, in damp places or in direct sunlight. The easiest way to protect it from dust and damage is to use the packaging your piece came with.

If your Remay piece has a manufacturing defect or needs repairs, please check our FAQs to see how we can help you.