Nature is undoubtedly the greatest artist of all time. 

Like a painter with a pristine blank canvas, Remay begins its design journey by blending together Nature's very best - the only gems created by a living organism - in sublime harmony. 

Remay was founded in 2015 by Remi Andre, who with 20 years of experience in sourcing, designing and manufacturing, brings his passion to life by blending colours and producing some of the most exciting pearl creations.

Using only naturally coloured, high quality Cultured Pearls , Remay specialises in combining its unique designs with the limitless array of hues on offer, producing a truly distinctive range of creative possibilities. 

Some pieces will need time to develop, awaiting the next kin of kind, the perfect colour or the right size to form what will become a unique piece of jewellery just waiting to be assembled by a manufacturer or a wholesaler.

Sourcing their pearls from well known, reliable and trusted pearl farmers all around the world, only premium pearls and unusual colours are used in Remay designs.

The different hues of the mysterious Black Tahitian South Sea Pearl all iridescent in their array of  colours from deep purple to the highly desirable Peacock; the naturally occurring colours of Orange, Peach and Lilac of the Freshwater Pearl from China; the unmistakable deep and warm Golden tones of the Indonesian Pearl and the unrivaled Australian White South Sea Pearl - all form part and parcel of Remay's unique designs and creations.

To complete this range of products Remay also provides a wide selection of Cultured Pearl strands of uniform colour.